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Live & experience your dreams , this is the slogan of our events and with our events we want to send you on a journey into a world of sophisticated eroticism.

On this website we introduce our events in brief in your own language and bring them closer to you. More detailed information about the various events can be found in German and English - just click on the respective flag at the bottom of the page.

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Next to our event series, we have been offering erotic vacations for several years.

The EROLUNA-program at a glance:

Black or White

This evening focuses around the conversion of Dreams and Phantasies into reality.

We have created a concept for you that will lead you through the evening and on the other hand also makes it easier to get in contact with others and to find together more easily.

Since all this happens in certain anonymity, if desired, this evening is ideal for both the "experienced ones" as well as to the "curious newcomers". A night for exhibitionists and voyeurs, as well as for unrestrained actions with two, three, four or more ...

And this is what is going to happen:
On admission to the event, every guest receives a black cape, as well as one black and one white mask. After that you dress up...
The black capes cover your body mysteriously, and which mask will you wear - black or white, you decide yourself. But be aware, the colours have a special meaning:

Black mask means "I / we would like to look around first, wait a bit and then decide to go on ..."
White mask means, "I / We are ready for adventures with others!"

If you wish, you can change the colour of the mask at any time in the course of the evening depending, join "the game", or take a break - all according to your mood.

What happens then, is "Dream-space". The doors to the different theme rooms will open up a world in which you can surrender yourself to unrestrained joy and excitement. Everyone to his / her inclination, passion, fetish and obsession. In front of each room you find again explanations on what to expect in the area.

When you enter the areas with a black mask, it indicates that you wish you just look around. If you're wearing a white mask, this is a sign that you are looking for contact with others.

The themes of the areas vary according to the location of the event, but almost always you find the following topics:
Women Only

You should understand: also a white mask is neither a "blank check" nor an "obligation". "A no is a no and remains as such". Rather, the intention is to make it easier to get in touch with others who have the same desires and fantasies, without having lengthy overtures, ;-).

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Chateau de Sade

Excruciating pleasure ... Lustful passion ... Suffering in lustfulness …

Chateau de Sade is an event series that addresses a target group of primary "role-playing enthusiasts" guests.

Once a year the "Marquis" invites to this sparkling journey into a long- and bygone era. Already upon entering in the castle, the violinist enchants the guests with her fascinating live music and the Marquis and his entourage take you instantly into a very special night.

The fireplace room turns out to be the "Courtroom", in which misconducts are negotiated fairly and without mercy each hour. In the upper rooms, guests are invited to join the lively plays at the "Slave Market", the guests invited to the lively game.

No matter whether you participate as spectator or engage as active player ... the Chateau de Sade is a spectacle for all who desire to be part of a very stylish staging.

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The Tribunal

Equitable - Incorruptible - Merciless

Times of unpunished crime are finally over once and for all. There finally is an instance in order to bring these to the indictment in an appropriate form.

About the Tribunal.
The Tribunal is described in ancient Rome, as the rise or an elevated seat taken by the Minister, the Magistrates, the Praetor, the Commanders of the cohort and the Governors in the provinces, where its legitimacy of power was symbolised by a spatial survey.
In Prussia, the tribunal was understood to be the instance of jurisdiction. This instance was introduced by Samuel Cocceji in connection with the reorganization of the Prussian law against the resistance. In modern times the term tribunal is used for special, mostly political courts.

Well, and this is where the inspiration of our tribunal is found. No, of course, not as a "political special court", but as a arbitration and punishment body for offenses of the "different kind".

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The Experiment

Already for 5 years, the gates of a detention centre - which is fictional but designed true to the original – open once a year for a small circle of interested visitors, created who want to experience a very special kind of liminal experience.
For many, this is a very special “head cinema”, where you can slip into a role play as a prisoner for a certain period. Locked up in an 8 sqm-sized cell, in anticipation of the things to come.

Observed by the other inmates, whose eyes wander through the lattice to the neighbouring cells, all are singing from the same song sheet ...
For 24 hours, all are exposed to the lustful gazes and arbitrariness of the guards and “guardesses”.

24 hours, where you will experience and test your limits ...

24 hours SM & DS in its purest form ... 24 hours jail!

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The Night of the <O>

The Night Of The “O” is now our "oldest" event.

In the recent years, none of our events has been copied that often, albeit or perhaps because of that, for years this event is so popular with our guests and regularly sold out early.

With this thematic series we focus specifically on couples in the "classical O-constellation". Meaning: HIM: dominant – HER: submissive.

Although during these events the original story is not converted 1:1, the basic ideas of Pauline Reages novel of that evening is still very present.
The "O's" are made available to the round of Sirs.

This is done strictly in accordance with a previously agreed set of rules so that all couples are provided with a certain and desired level security. Nevertheless, a certain openness ;-) towards other people should be present.

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The Erotic Casino Night

The clatter of a roulette ball rolling ... The delightful view of a good blackjack hand ... However, well-knowing that the prospects of profit will not fill the purse , and yet, the true connoisseur certainly find his cost repaid ...

Erotic & Gambling ... A combination which is not to deny, because if the elegantly dressed guests gather around the roulette and blackjack tables, then a special excitement flows through the air.

And once again, to clarify: Also the games played during this evening are NOT played with real money. Thus the respective gambling laws are not violated in any way.

This evening is actually about you entering the game as an erotic bet.

How does it work?

Well, quite easy to explain. At the beginning, each participant receives chips worth of 100,- ; Gambling money, mind you. Then, after opening of the tables you can try your luck at Roulette and Blackjack. Professional croupiers guide you through the evening and also will explain one or the other rule.

However, as in a real Casino, also with us there will be winners and losers, because not everyone has a good relation with the goddess of fortune. Should you have lost your chips now, the only way for you is to go to the (game-)bank, and order new chips. These you will get easily, but only for a "special offer" of erotic kind. Whether this is a massage, a private strip, providing oral pleasures, or perhaps even more, it’s up to you. In the same way, you can determine in advance whether you offer yourself alone or as a couple and to whom your offer is directed - that is to a man, woman or couple.

If you have made your decision, a picture of you will be taken , and the criteria of the offer made above will be noted. This picture will be taken to a gambling table, then you get 2 / 3 of your "purchase value" and you can continue playing. At least until someone "buys" you.

The inverse is of course just as easy. If play well and you are lucky, the number of your chips increases, which is when you can choose freely amongst the offerings on the gambling table. Our staff will ensure that deliberate "pairings" are assembled and leads you together. .
Indecent Proposal? Yes, and this is the attraction of that night. Enjoy the game and the thrill when it comes to your and the stakes of the other guests ...

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The Night Of Mystical Eroticism

This evening is inspired by a specific film scenario. In the "Eyes Wide Shut" movie there is a specific section in which a party scenario is celebrated.
This will form the underlying theme of the evening. Meaning, all the guests wear black hooded capes and masks, piano music provides a pleasant setting and access only occurs by use of a specific password.

This anonymity makes it easier for the guests, to implement their fantasies and dreams. You may make all this happen following your own path or - if desired - to be staged by the "master of ceremonies". In the second case, of course, only after prior arrangement, and inside specifically arranged and "controlled" premises.

So for whom is this party?

The "target group" for this evening is to be found between "open-minded people with a special sense for imaginative games" "To be at the mercy of someone" ... someone else's hands, unknown skin, unfamiliar desires ... or perhaps not so unfamiliar and unknown? A lot of possibilities exist during this evening ... you determine the limits .. as to whether the degree of activity remains with pure voyeurism, or whether you want to take part or be part of the creation of what is happening. We create the framework, the atmosphere and environment ... the rest of the evening will live by his own momentum.

And so we look forward to nights filled with eroticism and mystical tingling tension.

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The Roman Orgy

Orgies in ancient Rome …

Characterized by lust and gluttony ... by music, dance and games, but also by excess and cruelty ...

We deliver the pleasurable things of that time and celebrate with you an orgy of a special kind !

Immerse into another time and experience the beautiful aspects of ancient Rome. We take you on a journey of PASSION & LUST.

Lascivious activities in the bath and in the temples of lust, music that creates the adequate acoustic surrounding and juggling, culinary delights of another time, graceful dancers, gladiators with muscles like steel and much more ...

And you are a part of it all. Already at the gates one of the most important people this evening receives you. The purser Numerius hands you your bag full of thalers. Take good care of it, because they are your means of payment that evening in the hallowed halls.

As is known, also the ancient Romans frequently were in dire straits of the financial kind. And if you - just like them - tend to be a prodigal, during this night you have all the possibilities to counteract. At each corner of "our" ancient Rome there is the opportunity to fill the coffers again. This could be very well a necessity because for many things you need your Thalers

Please note that we use "play money" and not real Euros. You have already paid in advance and thus paid the usual bonus.

And along these lines : "carpe noctem"...

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Roissy - La Nuit Des Nuits

The evening of the O is the oldest EROLUNA event. Roissy - nuits de la nuit - has been adopted as a mosaic piece into our colourful world of themes.

As witnessed for years now, these events are sold out months in advance, which makes it our most popular event

Not meant as a replacement or enhancement to the "Night of the O", but as a complement and extension of this theme, clearly with the intention to admit a certain limited number of single person through the door, next to the couples.

After a successful debut in September 2007, we have decided that this event now has a permanent place in the EROLUNA program.
The appropriate framework for this event is provided by the club "Le Coq" in Wörrstadt. Invited are couples in the classical O-constellation (HE = dominant - SHE = submissive), as well as dominant and submissive ladies & gentlemen in limited numbers.

As for the "Night of the O", this event circles around stylish and lustful domination and submission, but with the difference that the gender ratio of participants at Roissy is not 1:1 (male-female), but is about 1.5:1.
In addition, Roissy offers the opportunity for single men and of course single O's to use this stylish setting.

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Secret Blind Dinner

What's behind this ?

An erotic evening ... a limited number of couples for which the number is experience according to the size of the location, and who do not know one another, experience a "true" blind dinner .....

The sequence of events:

In advance ...

1. you register yourself for the event;-)...
2. You receive the usual formal registration mail with the details ...
3. After you have paid your obligatory contribution, you will get an e-mail in which a the meeting location will be communicated to you ...
4. The tension grows ...

In the evening ...

1. You come to the address of the location.
2. All couples are supposed to arrive at the location at a specific and individual time window - this shall prevent meeting each other before
3. Upon entering the premises both get blindfolded ...
4. You will be led to a seat at the table laid and placed there ...
5. After all the couples are sitting at the table blindfolded, the dinner begins ...
6. After each menu-course, sitting arrangements will be changed: either you or your neighbour is led to another seat. The only thing that remains is the arrangement M-W-M-W. Touching is allowed and welcome. The "touched" person alone decides what is allowed ...
7. After the last course you will be led to a different room in pairs (and with your own partner) where you can "get comfortable" ... whether you are alone or active with others remains up to you and according to the mood.
8. About half an hour later, you will hear a faint chime ... only then the blindfolds are removed ... and if you want this to happen ...
9. (Our discretion does not permit disclosure of further details) ... :-)
10. The evening is approaching its end ...

Got curious ?

Then dare to join this adventure of a very special kind ..

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Sex and Crime - Kriminal Dinner

A mixture of diner, interactive theatre and erotic fun party ...

On one side entertainment and interactivity, on the other side interaction between the guests, because ultimately they must solve the criminal cases.

Sex & Crime brings entertainment to you that is bringing people together;-)

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SOLO - The Party For Singles

In the past, most EROLUNA events were targeting couples.
But now we present an event concept that is focused solely on singles as participants.

The ideal opportunity for you as a single, to experience the EROLUNA party fun ... Whether male or female ... whether single by conviction or searching ...
Solo - The Single Party! brings you together ...


* Because the population of singles in Germany by now is about 20%.

* Aren't there are really enough parties for couples, mixed parties for singles and couples? We hope with this concept we will give the opportunity to singles to meet with like-minded people, meet, flirt and maybe - if the is the goal - to find a fit for the evening, or even the next stage of life, or even for ever?

* Because the other EROLUNA events are set up more to couples as a target group, singles might not be as comfortable there as on a single party ?

* We just want to have a party, that brings fun-loving and communicative people together.


4 x YES ,
Which is why we have started this new EROLUNA project in 2010

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St.Pauli Nights

Almost everyone knows the district of , called St. Pauli. The Red-light district in the heart of a vibrant metropolis, where tourists, demimonde and underworld are pulling an all-nighter ...

Flashing neon signs, floozies and bad eggs ...

With concept, we now get a piece of atmosphere of a Red-light district neighbourhood directly to you. We invite you to be a part of that world for one night.

It's a game. A role-playing game in which you can dive into for one night and live your fantasies you have on this theme.

At the entrance each guest receives a basic amount of St. Paul's dollars. These apply throughout the club as currency during the entire night. .

As usual, your drinks and a simple snack are included in your normal ticket price. Particularly delicious food and wine you will find in the VIP Lounge, but for the admission you will have to loosen your purse strings for a few St. Pauli dollars ...

In any case, quite a number of things during this evening will have some extra costs ;-). But not to worry, your real wallet is spared, because it's all about the play money, the St. Pauli Dollars ...

It's in the nature of things, that one will run short of these in the course of the evening. But again, not to worry, because at each corner of the club there are plenty of opportunities to earn a bit either by "honest work" or trickery to stock up additional St. Pauli dollars.

St. Pauli Night - the interactive Red-light district spectacle !

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The Legend of the Vampire

There were terrific parties that the guests of the Count could experience at Schloss Milkersdorf in recent years. His Nymphs spared no effort to bring the grouchy old Dragul in a better mood and in fact they made it ...

The Count awoke to the old joie de vivre and had big jamborees into the next morning ...

But: was all this enough to sweeten his wait for the next fall? Certainly, several things will happen in the Castle over the next few months and one can only wonder what will happen to the illustrious group of guests in the coming fall, when the Count and his servant Igor together with the charming graces invite you to the next party.

And this year it could be particularly scary ...

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Exclusive - Decadent - Glamorous

"Eyes Wide Shut" in its most stylish and most mysterious form ...

the most exclusive EROLUNA event for which really nothing is missing. Decadence in abundance ...

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The outrageous dance party ...

Different Floors
2 cheeky floors can be found at any party. On the first one there is electronic music, and with the second one, a separate Dark Wave Floor is offered.

While the DJs from the KitKat Club Berlin and other DJs follow one right after the other on the Electro-Floor, on the Dark-Floor we present well-known acts from the Dark-scene and also pay specific attention to our Special acts.

The DJ line-up for this new party has therefore a very special meaning, evidenced by the fact that at each party 2-3 top acts can be found on each floor.

Different People
A shameless melting pot of diversity. Carried by the basic idea, to experience outrageous hot party nights, we want to make the balancing act between the scenes as our main goal.
Stylish Party People, Birds of Paradise and scene-insider find their home base just as much as the interested and the curious who are ready to follow the party concept in their special outfit.

Different Dress Code
Consciously, we opted not to impose THE special Dress-code. Nevertheless, the door philosophy will decide who will be admitted, which must be creative and clearly different from the Jeans-and-T-shirt monotony. We look forward to fetish outfits, glamorous, kinky, Stylish, Burlesque, Rubber & leather, glitter and costumes, elegant evening wear, uniforms and other sexy outfits.

IN BRIEF:> --- We just want to see you dressed "sexy stylish"! And celebrate outrageous shameless nights with you ...

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White Lounge

Lascivious, erotic, bizarre & exclusive ...

This is how this event series presents itself, guaranteed not to be pigeonholed ...

Stylish & elegant in an unprecedented setting ...

The exclusive white erotic lounge - the different party!

The events are all about the colour white - drinks & food, dress code, equipment

Decadence of a very special type ...

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